Agile Focus Designs is developing novel 3D microscopic imaging technology. Our fast focusing and zoom capability allows for real time observation of dynamic events and high throughput imaging.



Sarah Lukes, PHD

Founder, CEO
A National Science Foundation Graduate Research fellow, Sarah Lukes received an electrical engineering PhD from Montana State University in 2015. Her diverse background includes working in orthopedics/radiology, cardiovascular stents, and cryogenics at the Mayo Clinic, Boston Scientific, and S2 Corporation, respectively.  In 2015, Dr. Lukes started Agile Focus Designs to forge connections across disciplines for the advancement of miniature imaging, science, and healthcare.


demi st. john

Optical Engineer & Physicist


Brandon huntley

Mechanical Engineer


daniel traucht

Mechanical Engineer


Sarah moen

Electrical Engineer


tiphani lynn

Visual Neuroscientist


james dilts

Electrical & Optical Engineer


Agile Focus Designs provides accurate, agile, and user-friendly tools for microscopists in manufacturing, science, and healthcare. We aim to provide every researcher with the capability to capture dynamic events and increase throughput by providing 100 times faster focusing and zoom than conventional technology for wide-field and multiphoton microscopes. With over 25 years experience in optical micro-electro-mechanical systems and miniature imaging design, our team thrives at the intersection of multiple disciplines. Please contact us at for unique imaging solutions to microscopy, autonomous vehicles, and manufacturing.