Agile Focus Designs is developing novel 3D microscopic imaging technology. Our fast focusing capability allows for real time observation of dynamic events and high throughput imaging.


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Sarah Lukes, PHD

Founder, CEO
A National Science Foundation Graduate Research fellow, Sarah Lukes received an electrical engineering PhD from Montana State University in 2015. Her diverse background includes working in orthopedics/radiology, cardiovascular stents, and cryogenics at the Mayo Clinic, Boston Scientific, and S2 Corporation, respectively.  In 2015, Dr. Lukes started Agile Focus Designs to forge connections across disciplines for the advancement of miniature imaging, science, and healthcare.

Katie Kent

Design Engineer
A Goldwater scholar, Katherine Kent has degrees in chemical and biological engineering. She has worked with suppliers and customers in the oil and gas industry while employed at ExxonMobil. She also has years of research experience in the study of biopolymers and osteoarthritis using magnetic resonance imaging and rheological techniques. As a design engineer for Agile Focus Designs, she uses her engineering expertise to create innovative solutions.

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Sarah Mondl

Design Engineer
Sarah Mondl has an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Montana State University and has worked at a microfabrication facility maintaining equipment and developing processes. She has more than five years of nanofabrication experience and also works on optical waveguides at ADVR Inc., an optical device company. She brings microfabrication expertise to the Agile Focus Designs team.


With over 25 years of cumulative experience in optical micro-electro-mechanical systems and miniature imaging designs, we thrive at the intersection of multiple disciplines. Please contact us at for unique imaging solutions to microscopy, autonomous vehicles, and manufacturing.